Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy has detail related to the method of assembling data and distribution.

Who Are We?

Our goal is to keep the trust and assurance of our all viewers on this website. Ultimately, we work wisely. Our products are not into the business selling, renting, and trading, or in any marketing.

This Privacy Policy has thorough information related to our business and why we gather the personal detail, and how we use it wisely. We also have boundaries not to close the personal information towards others.

We aim to provide security to all the user data effectively, which means we consider your privacy as our privacy to gain the trust of our customers and viewers and provide them a secure safe platform to visit.

Cookies are important to get access to the request by the customers

We use cookies to get the primary detail sent to the system, to offer you the service of our website for which you are requesting. Don’t worry you can make cookies disappear from the settings of your internet browser.

Our website Suppleify can access cookies on your device or laptop.

Google Analytics

A third-party service is necessary to use to get the data of the buyers or viewers which is Google Analytics. It helps us to get the basic detail of internet log standards and buyers/viewers performed actions.

It’s important to get follow up on different things like we can collect the count of different viewers/buyers at different modules of the website, also their actions can be tracked easily through this Plugin.

Don’t worry, Google is not able to recognize the person. It is not built in that way. In short, we cannot find the buyer/viewer by name who performs different actions on our website.

Site Feedback!

Any customer has the authority to give feedback and submit it on the page of a specific article. After giving feedback, you will be able to get benefits from aliases that hide your identity. When you provide feedback, your name, email or website gets saved, so that your feedback can be shown to you or any other person who comes to that page corner.

We don’t verify the buyer/viewer detail on our website.

Other parties

In some situations, your IP address, location, or other information related to it might be shared with other third parties which are companies. We can provide your detail to third parties if required according to time.

Interaction to your detail

On our page, you can delete/view the personal detail. Also, you can contact us with your issue through email. We will give you a positive response back and remove your detail from that corner.

Privacy Policy alterations

There might be a few changes that occur in the next.

Our privacy policy specifies the security of your personal information. But if any changes occur to this policy, we will ping you with an email.

After utilizing our site services, you are bound to accept the terms of the Privacy Policy.

We keep your information more secure anyhow. Because we value customer’s security more than other things.